Violetta Chiarini


I started my career in show-business with international teachers such as Susan Strasberg, Bernard Hiller, Lena Lessing, Giovanni Veronesi…but the person who has allowed me to progress the most as an artist and as a person has been Laura: a theatre and life teacher, despite her young age she is thoroughly prepared, wise and highly efficient..

Alice Corti


This technique has a complete and pinpointed way of analysing the text which will allow you to understand all the character's layers...I believe this to be a GREAT thing! Every time I think about it I feel like standing up and do it. It's a wonderful feeling.


Riccardo Sarti


It's a captivating and empathic acting approach...I highly recommend this workshop to everyone looking for truth, to everyone who feels thinks too much and to all of them wanting to grow keeping their hearts open ready to feel and make others feel!

Erica Zambelli


Laura it's an incredible teacher, always available and clear. She opened a whole new world to me. I truly love this technique and I think it changed me deeply. It's made me more aware of the world I live in.


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